Terms and Conditions


 By booking a time slot all clients using the Puppy Paddocks agree to the following terms and conditions:

No more than 4 dogs are to be exercised within the allotted time without agreement from the proprietor*.  The correct option MUST be chosen on the booking form.

Family/friends are welcome to share the timeslot but each user must be registered and have provided vaccination cards for all visiting dogs.   Users must NOT invite friends/family to join them if vaccination records have not been provided.

The hirer/user* agrees to not enter the paddocks before their timeslot begins and to leave the premises within their timeslot^.

All dogs visiting the paddocks must be vaccinated/wormed to ensure the protection of others using the paddock. We do require a copy of each dog(s) vaccination card before your first visit.

It is the hirer/user responsibility to check their booked day and times.

Hirer/User Own Risk

Whether using the paddocks exclusively or whilst attending a group event:

It is the responsibility of the hirer/user to ensure that the paddocks are suitable before letting their dog off-lead. The  proprietors  accept no liability for escaped dogs.  All dogs should be insured under their owner's public liability insurance.

The use of the paddock areas, parking or whilst on the premises adjacent to Puppy Paddocks is entirely at the hirer/user's own risk (whether the hirer or any other persons connected with the booking).  Dogs must be kept on a lead whist moving between the vehicle and the paddock.

The  proprietors of these premises accept NO liability for any damage to property or injury to, or the death of, any person or dog using the paddocks.

The  proprietors  accept no liability for any damages, losses, claims, actions, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by the hirer/user when using the paddocks whether using the paddocks exclusively or whilst attending a group event.

We specifically ask that you are aware of holes dug by the dogs when in the paddock. 


The hirer agrees that the proprietors maintain control and possession of the Puppy Paddocks and equipment at all times. The hire of the paddock does not constitute any rights over any of the land.

All and any equipment belongs to the proprietors  and must not be removed from the paddock by the hirer/user.

The hire is for the field only. Enrichment equipment may be added or removed without notice.

The gate code will be changed regularly.

The proprietors reserve the right to ask any user to leave the paddocks at anytime for any reason.


No booking will be valid without payment unless agreed by the proprietors.

The correct payment must be selected on the booking form. 

Payment of the full fee is required when booking and is non-refundable unless the hire is cancelled within 24 hours of the hire time.  

Payment to be made by Stripe, please reference Puppy Paddock/time/day. 

Payment by BACS or cash on the day only by agreement of the proprietors.

Safety for you and others

The hirer/user agrees to ensure the paddock and surrounding areas are left in a clean and tidy condition by agreeing to clear up after their dog/s and themselves by placing deposits and litter in the bin provided by the gate or taking by it home. 

BBQ's and fires are NOT permitted on the paddock, please ensure cigarettes are completely extinguished and put in the bin.

Please do not alter any aspect of the paddock.

Do not climb the fences or gates, remove or cause damage to any fence, gate or equipment. Inform the proprietors immediately if any accidental damage occurs.

The hirer/user agrees not to enter the field with or without their dog/s whilst the field is occupied by any other persons unless permission is given by that person. If  the paddock is occupied during your timeslot, please check your booking time and call at the bungalow for assistance. DO NOT open the gate and enter the paddock-there may be a reactive dog present.




The Sheep Field is now open for you to use-please see separate T & C's below.

Children MUST be supervised whilst in the paddock. Please do not let them climb on any fence, gate or seating. Responsibility for any child remains entirely with the hirer/user. Please remember this is a dog exercise paddock NOT a children's playground.

Please ensure the gate is securely closed when you leave. 

If you do encounter a problem, please call 01603757968 or call at the bungalow.

*Proprietor=Puppy Paddocks

Hirer/User = any persons using  the paddocks (including any children/family/friends accompanying)

 ^The start and finish times as stated on taddock.he booking confirmation email.

Terms and conditions for using the Sheep Field

If you are unable or unwilling to walk to the bottom of the field to clear up after your dog(s), either toys or poo, please DO NOT let your dog(s) into the field. 

We ask that you stay with your dog(s) all the time they are in the Sheep Field. Please do not sit in the small paddock and leave them alone in the field (even if you can see them from the bench).  

The field has not been cleared or rolled since the sheep left and therefore the ground is very uneven and there is sheep poo in the grass. If you do not want your dog(s) to pick up sheep poo or run on uneven ground, please do not open the gate.

We hope you and your dogs will enjoy the sheep field, please help to keep it clean and tidy by picking up all poo and litter and placing it in the bins provided.

Data Protection

All information held is necessary for the booking process and by registering on our booking calendar you agree to us holding this information.  Puppy Paddock retains the right to delete registration forms with false or suspected false information.  Do not register if you do not wish book or have your details held by Puppy Paddocks.  Please use the enquiry form on the home page if you wish to know details of the information held.  You may opt into allowing us to send you email or text updates about Puppy Paddocks on the booking form.  We will not contact you with third party offers and your information will never be shared with any third party. 

Please read our Privacy Policy page for details.